Learn About Senior Assistance Programs & Resources

There are many senior assistance programs available to offer seniors help in a variety of ways. These resources are valuable for the aging population on a fixed budget.

Aging into your senior years may bring on challenges not experienced before in one’s life. Often there are obstacles with money coming in, health issues or even putting a roof over your head. State and nationwide U.S. Government assistance plans are in place to help seniors in need.

Senior Social Security benefits is a known program for retiring seniors along with Medicare coverage at the age of 65 for Medicare and earlier for Social Security benefits if desired. Additionally, there is senior housing assistance through Section 8 housing, help purchasing nutritious food with the Food Stamps program, help with financial planning and many more opportunities to gain help for those eligible under the poverty level locally, who qualify. We will explain more specifically below for many of the senior assistance programs available to those facing challenges in their golden years.

Learn About Senior Health Services

As mentioned above there are health services programs known to most like Medicare. When retiring this program is offered at the age of 65 automatically to senior citizens. Medicare is not the only option out there for medical assistance for seniors. At below the poverty level, seniors may also qualify for Medicaid. Medical care and cost coverage is paramount to seniors finding themselves aging with health challenges popping up almost regularly.

There is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) insurance that offers supplemental medical insurance at reduced rates according to income if Medicaid qualification is not met. Knowing and learning about these programs and how eligibility requirements are met, coverage, costs and how the programs may differ, be sure to download our Senior Health Care Guide here now.

Learn About Financial Services for Seniors

As a senior citizen but not yet 65 and drawing from Social Security benefits, finding yourself unemployed can be frightening. Unemployment may be available if you find yourself downsized or let go from a position of employment through no fault of your own. If your claim is denied, there is an unemployment appeal process you may apply to have your benefits reviewed. At the age of 62, you are in the position to add to your income through your Social Security benefits if you choose to file earlier than 67.

Additional financial services for seniors exist when challenges affording enough food exist. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, known as SNAP, is available to qualifying seniors in need. Another program for temporary assistance exists known as TANF. TANF refers to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.

To find out more on eligibility for Social Security or unemployment benefits, download our guide for detailed information. If you would like to learn more about food stamps or other financial services for seniors, be sure to review the information within.

Learn About Senior Housing Assistance

Moving into senior years can be challenging financially to secure safe, affordable housing. Section 8 housing has a goal to help low income housing at affordable levels by subsidizing rental payments to landlords for qualified candidates. Eligibility is based on income and extreme need.

Qualifying seniors may have multiple options available to them through their local Public Housing Agency (PHA) with Section 8 housing assistance. The government agency that oversees the administration from the federal level is the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Seniors in need financially do have options with Section 8 to look for help with.

Learn About Driving in Your Senior Years

Holding a valid driver’s license through your local DMV into your senior years may require additional requirements as you age. Age is not DMV discriminatory, but ailments with hearing or sight could pose a problem when driving. The DMV has the responsibility to put safe and trained drivers on the road.

The DMV policies will vary by state for renewals and testing for various age groups. As the young grow into driving age and are learning driving skills, so do the elderly grow out, as skills diminish.

Exams are designed to refresh training as well as teach drivers how to maneuver and keep to each state’s driving laws to remain compliant. Some state DMV’s are requiring vision exams at around age 40 when eyesight tends to wane. Other state DMV’s don’t require that extra vision testing until age 70. Hearing testing is added at a certain point in the DMV process. Every state has their own guidelines to follow.

Renewing your senior driver’s license may be quick and achievable online, while other states require you to make an appointment for new photography and testing. Services will differ by state for DMV renewals.

There are DMV options to know about dangers of driving as one ages. Each state DMV has outlined in its options to report anonymously to the DMV seniors who are driving long past their safe driving days. It is hard to give up the freedom of driving one’s self after being in charge for decades driving safely.

Admitting that to yourself at some stage in your life may save another person or several people from serious injury or worse as well as your own life. Be sure to download our guide that is comprehensive on all DMV details.

Learn About End of Life Planning and Arrangements

Seniors may be faced with a terminal illness or want to make sure their relatives aren’t faced with making end of life arrangements for them by pre-planning for that event. Estate planning, wills, life insurance all the way through end of life burial arrangements and payments are often handled by the living to have beneficiaries adhere to their wishes and avoid any misunderstandings with family members.

As difficult a subject it may be, seniors are doing their families a service by making these preparations for life’s end as detailed as possible. Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security do have near end and end of life details that are good to be aware of.