Learn About Restaurant Coupons

Seniors looking to stretch their dollars often rely on restaurant coupons and senior discounts for many of the savings options. Coupon savings for seniors are so plentiful across the country that it is almost unthinkable going out without coupon in hand for a meal or snack.

Savings discounts for seniors usually start between the ages of 50 to 55 at national chain restaurants. Local restaurants that are not connected to a large chain tend to offer discounts for seniors to save beginning at 60 years of age. Don’t consider that set in stone, inquiring ahead may trigger the management to offer a discount you might not have known about.

Coupons are found almost everywhere. Look and find how many savings are out there ready for the taking.

Where to Find Coupons

The list of where to find your senior coupons is abundant so much so that getting a file for your coupons and labeling the file for types of coupons collected, is recommended. Organizing by sorting and filing may be the only time saving method to actually find the discount you will be looking for after your new system takes off.

Online coupons for seniors and others are cleverly grouped onto entire websites in many instances. A simple search for restaurant coupons online will bring up almost unlimited options for you. TIP: Most of the websites for coupons will want you to register and give them your email address so they can keep you updated on what you are interested in. Creating a separate email account for yourself just for these types of emails will keep your more personal email from getting overloaded. Be sure to look in your spam or junk folder if you are expecting something that may not have arrived.

Printed coupons via local free newspapers, daily and Sunday newspapers have always had pull out sections to clip coupons. Check your mail for coupon envelopes stuffed with local savings coupons usually delivered once a month. More resources for coupons may be printed on the fronts or backs of receipts. Percentage off or free items with feedback to the establishment are often down under the signature area for credit cards or at the end after the total bill.

More coupons arrive directly to you via text when you sign up with your cell phone number for rewards. Bakeries, lunch and casual eating restaurants use this method regularly as do fast food restaurants. Establishments where you can order ahead then go through the drive thru lane to pick up at holiday time are known to offer deep discounts the more you visit and order online.

Ordering online with a restaurant’s app (downloadable application that will add an icon to your phone for easy ordering) usually brings special offers with it.

How to Buy Discount Coupons

There are still reliable couponing online sites to buy reduced priced coupons that have higher value when utilizing the coupon for the purchase. Without naming names, the reputable ones are still worth looking at to find great savings with online purchased coupons for seniors. When these coupons are researched carefully, you can print out the coupons and file them away as you would with newspaper clipped coupons for your next visit to that expensive restaurant you have always wanted to visit. A purchased coupon with a face value of double or triple sounds good to you doesn’t it? They exist. Final comment on these coupons, watch the expiration dates carefully.

Learn More Senior Coupon Ideas

Go directly to the restaurant website you want to get something free from. Research their pages for free coupons on special days. Go to the SEARCH area on their page and type in free coupons or coupons. See what comes up for your search. Use your search browser like Google or Yahoo and type in the name of the restaurant and coupons next to it. See what your search brings up. Do not stop with the first page of listings on that search. Keep going page by page to see if there is a website that came up with specifically what you are looking for.

What Is Free to Seniors?

What could be better than a hefty discount to a senior? Free to seniors – that is what. Seniors who do their research and create a list of where and what day, will be the ones who save the most money by finding and taking advantage of all the special senior offers available to them. Look for senior discounts when shopping and eating local as well as when traveling out of your local area. Here are a few free-bee’s to look out for in local restaurants and in national chains:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Free appetizer before specified time
  • Free dessert on birthday
  • Free dinner with another dinner purchase on birthday
  • Free soft drinks to customers over a certain age with meal purchase
  • Coffee free with breakfast
  • Happy hour two for one
  • Early bird specials (but we knew that one)

Learn About Loyalty Discounts

Seniors who have favorite places they visit frequently for meals, juices, coffee, desserts or just about anything may be missing out on discounts or free meals by utilizing loyalty programs. Whenever you visit a restaurant, ask if there is a punch card or loyalty program. Ask everywhere you go when you sit down for a meal or are making a purchase. Often there are credit card style senior discount or loyalty cards with boxes that are punched or stamped with each visit. After a specified sum of visits, you will get rewarded with a freebee or a discount for just being a loyal customer. For instance, for each ten dinners you purchase, one might be free. The programs exist and are found money for seniors looking to save money.

Never paying full price isn’t considered being cheap when you are on a tight budget. Seniors are the most budgeted group demographically. Coupons are readily available, fun and often give you a little source of satisfaction after using knowing you saved a little more money leaving more for later.