Learn About Prescription Savings

Tip 1: Start with Your Doctor

Prescription savings is at the top of trending topics nationwide. Seniors consist of the highest bracket of consumers utilizing prescription drugs with the least income. Therefore, seniors are the highest demographic by age needing prescription savings.

When you are prescribed medicine by your doctor, speak frankly with him about your wish to save money on prescriptions. Doctors may be able to help saving you money on prescriptions with multiple sources with varied brand names for the same exact drugs most often. Generic drugs are almost always available and are considerably less expensive than brand name prescriptions.

Another suggestion is to ask your physician if they have manufacturer’s samples for the prescribed medicine. At a dollar a pill or more, prices add up and you might save a few dollars by asking.

Tip 2: Understand Your Prescription Coverage

Pull out the medical coverage policy you have and review the coverage for prescriptions. If you have been renewing yearly without reviewing the policy details, there may be drugs that are no longer covered or a better plan available to you on prescription coverage to save money. Check with your provider at the toll-free number for customer service and ask if they have a prescription by mail program arrangement with any company for lower pricing. Most do.

If you go to fill a prescription and you find it is not covered by your insurance for whatever reason, ask the pharmacist if they know what is covered by the insurance. Get yourself on the phone, or ask the pharmacist if they would call and ask your doctor to prescribe something that is covered at a more affordable prescription price. You can be your own advocate for your healthcare.

Tip 3: Look for New Prescription Promotions

Where do you get your prescriptions filled? Local pharmacies, price clubs, large box store and grocery chains with internal pharmacies run prescription special offers. Some promotions want you to transfer your Rx from another pharmacy or bring in your new prescription to be filled by them. Most promotions include a dollar amount of a gift card usually $5 or $10. Their tactic is once you have your medicines dispensed by their pharmacy, you will shop for other items while in store.

Tip 4: Consider Prescription Price Shopping

Looking out for yourself and family is number one when it comes to your money. Savings for prescriptions may start right at your local frequented pharmacy. Have a friendly conversation with your pharmacist. They have extensive knowledge in their field and may know another prescription drug to save you money that your doctor didn’t consider because he or she didn’t know about it. Medical technology is running at a fast pace and it may be hard for your doctor to know it all.

Secondly, there are many pharmacies wanting your business around town and online. Take a photo with your camera and next time you are walking by another pharmacy, walk to the dispensary counter and ask the pharmacist what they charge for the same Rx with your type of insurance. Independent, neighborhood pharmacies may have even better pricing than the large national chain stores.

Online you can do the same thing. Do a search of online prescription websites that have comparisons showing the same drug for less. Often, they will dispense 3 months of your prescription at a discount for the quantity and put you on auto renewal if you like. Auto renewal will require your doctor to email the prescription to the online pharmacy. Read all the details to know how it works.

Ask for the LOWEST PRICE. When talking with your pharmacy or any pharmacist about your prescribed drug, ask what the lowest price would be for that drug. Your prescription is processed through your insurance plan for pricing. The pharmacist may know of any discount programs or cards and promotions that may apply for the specific prescription.

There are some prescriptions that are commonly given away free. Yes, free at no cost. Ask your pharmacy what those drugs are that they don’t charge for and see if your doctor can substitute any for your needs.

Tip 5: Go to the Drug Company Source

If there is a prescription you must take and find yourself struggling to afford it, go directly to the specific drug company with your concerns. Send letters, emails even call their customer service toll free lines to get access to someone who will talk specifics with you. Ask if there is a plan for low-income individuals to get the prescriptions at a discount or free. Many drug companies have specific programs they offer for just that. In your communications, always be respectful and even tempered.

Tip 6: Coupons for Prescription Discounts

Back about going right to the drug company source, go to the drug manufacturer company website and look for coupons for the specific drug. Search online for the same. You may be surprised what you will uncover.

Tip 7: Keep Safety First

Keep safety in mind always. Please follow this checklist of tips to be safe.

  • Do not take anyone else’s prescription if you are low or are in need.
  • If you drop pills out of your pill keeper and are not able to identify them, go to your pharmacy and ask them to identify them with your list of prescriptions you take.
  • Do not cut your dosage without the knowledge of your doctor
  • Do not STOP taking drugs you are prescribed without guidance from your doctor. Many prescriptions have side affects and you may need to wean yourself off on a schedule.
  • Tell your pharmacist about all the prescriptions you are taking and ask if there are any conflicting side affects you may need to know about.
  • Store your drugs away from moisture in a bathroom that may steam up for potency.
  • Store your drugs away from heat as well for drug stability.
  • Keep your drugs away from children and your pets. That tip alone may save a precious life.